What has President Obama done in office? Here is a list of Obama accomplishments!

September 01, 2012

Below is a list of things that President Barack Obama has done while in office as President of the United States
• Economy grew 2.6% in the first quarter of 2012
• Brought us out of recession worse than last 3 recessions combined
• Got more Taliban leaders in 30 days than Bush/Cheney did in 6 years
• Auto Industry saved
• Got North Korea to stop enriching uranium
• Iraq war ended
• Bin Laden dead
• Nuclear weapons reduced by 1/3 in US & Russia
• Stock market more than doubles
• Stock market closes higher than since 2007
• U.S Gross Domestic product went from steady decline to increasing every ¼ of the Obama Presidency See graph
• Ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
• Settled Libya problem in 60 days with no American casualties or ground troops
• Insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions
• Kids stay on their parent’s insurance until 26 under certain conditions
• Requires health plans to disclose how much of premium goes to patient care
• Prevents children from being denied health insurance coverage
• Cut prescription drug cost for medi-care recipients by 50%
• Requires large employers to contribute to a national healthcare plan
• Came out against SOPA
• Temporally suspended taxes on Unemployment benefits
• Nixes Keystone Pipeline
• Jail population decline for first time in decades
• Wind power growth up 39%
• Instituted the toughest Wall Street reform since Great Depression
• Passed health reform: Others tried & failed over the last 60 years
• Insurance companies can no longer drop you when you get sick
• Stimulus Plan which brought us out of the brink of financial collapse
• $100 billion to embarrassing, crumbling infrastructure: Most since Eisenhower
• $60 billion to create renewable and clean energy
• Credit Card reform stopping the most abusive credit card practices
• Huge investment into science & technology
• Quadrupled the number of openly gay judges on the federal bench
• Amped budgets at NASA & National Science Foundation
• Expanded state run health insurance to cover additional four million kids
• Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – Equal pay for equal work
• Global initiative keeping nuclear material out of hands of terrorists
• Hate crimes prevention act (Matthew Shepard Act)
• FDA for first time allowed to regulate tobacco
• Eliminated scandal plagued Mineral Management Services
• Overhauled the astonishing stupidity of the student loan system
• Cancelled bloated weapons program including useless F-22
• Stopped Russia supplying $1 billion of high-tech missiles to Iran promised by Bush
• Tax cuts for small businesses
• $14 billion in federally funded loans to stimulate job creation
• Cut taxes for 95% of working families
• Passed 16 different tax cuts for American small business owners
• Fought GOP for Health benefits for 9/11 responders – He didn’t forget.
• Extended unemployment benefits
• Consumer spending increase
• Orders for durable goods increase
• Appointed first Latina to Supreme Court
• Ryan White AIDS Treatment Act
• Appointed more openly gay officials than any other president
• Expanded loan program for small businesses
• Increased funding for National Parks and Forests
• Led effort to phase out whaling
• Funding for high speed broadband internet access to students K-12
• $26 billion to states saving 160,000 teacher jobs among other things
• Helped rebuild schools in New Orleans
• Doubled research funds for cleaner fuel
• $2 billion to solar power
• Raised fuel economy standards
• Cash for clunkers
• Limited mercury emissions
• Eliminated oil company liability caps for oil spills
• Ordered BP to provide $20 billion liability fund for damages from spill
• Mandated new safety rules for offshore drilling
• World opinion of US improves significantly since Obama takes office
• Visited more countries in first year than any other president
• Return rights of Americans to visit and assist their families in Cuba
• Renewed loan guarantees to Israel
• Pledged $400 million in aid to Gaza civilians
• Pressured Israel to end Gaza blockade
• Authorized Clinton’s mission getting 2 prisoners released from Korea
• Nuclear arms agreement with India
• Agreement with Switzerland to bolster tax information exchange
• Cut salaries of senior White House officials
• Prevented congress from receiving cost of living pay raise
• Cancelled contracts for 28 White House helicopters saving $11.2 billion
• Return tax payer money for White House refurbishing
• Established a Patient’s Bill of Rights
• Expanded vaccinations program
• New homes sales see biggest jump in 47 years
• Extended benefit for same-sex partners of federal employees
• Same-sex partners assured visitation & healthcare decision rights
• $8 billion to establish smart power grid
• $13 billion for high-speed rail in 13 major US corridors
• Major expansion of AmeriCorps
• Committed US to almost 5 million charging station by 2015
• Expanding broadband internet
• Improved benefits for veterans
• New and improved hiring policy for veterans
• Donated Peace Prize award money
• Ended media blackout on war casualties
• Increased access to PTSD treatment for soldiers and veterans
• Reconstruction of military to reflect modern-day threats & technology
• Ended torture
• Recommitted the U.S. to full compliance to the Geneva Conventions
• Cut missile defense system by $1.4 billion
• Increased pay benefits to military personnel
• Began draw-down of war in Afghanistan
• Ordered Seal operation to free of US captain held by pirates
• Negotiated nuclear arms agreement with Australia, India, & Russia
• Increased Navy patrol of Somali coast
• Provided $210 Million for building and upgrading fire stations
• Emergency Aid to American Survivors of the Haiti Earthquake Act
• Ordered extensive review of hurricane & natural disaster preparedness
• Edward Kennedy Serve America Act: Expands national volunteer program
• Removed restrictions and provided support of embryonic stem cell research
• Manned missions to Mars & asteroids rather than just returning to moon
• Worked with international allies on International Space Station
• Used private sector to improve space flight
• Used Space Station for fundamental biological and physical research
• Established consumer tax credit for plug-in hybrid cars
• $60 billion in spending & tax incentives for renewable & clean energy
• For first time in 13 years America’s dependence on foreign oil below 50%
• Tax breaks to promote public transit
• Extended and indexed the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch
• Income floor for medical expense deductions for individuals 65 & older
• Health insurance tax credits & subsidies for incomes to 4x poverty level
• Accelerated tax benefits for donations to Haiti earthquake relief
• Income tax rates for highest earners will change from 35% to 39.6%
• Capital gains tax for highest earners will change from 15% to 20%
• Tax increase for corporations with assets of at least $1 billion
• Closed offshore tax safe havens, tax credit loopholes
• Tax bills hit lowest level since 1950
• Tax refunds up 10 percent due to stimulus
• Imposed limits on lobbyists’ access to the White House
• Limits White House aides working for lobbyists after tenure in office
• Independent watchdogs call Obama’s record on ethic Unprecedented
• Closed lobbyist loopholes with respect to the Recovery Act
• Banned lobbyist gifts to executive employees
• DOD will film all interrogations
• White House voluntary disclosure policy
• $5,000 tax credit for every new worker hired
• Jobs for Main Street Act
• Under Obama American clean energy industry creates 2.7 million jobs & expanding rapidly
• Created more jobs in 2009 than Bush in his entire presidency
• CBO found 3.7 Million jobs created by stimulus (May 2010)
• 682,370 jobs created under Recovery Act Between Jan. & March, 2010
• National Export Initiative – designed to double US exports
• Federal deficit shrank 8% year-on-year
• Wall St reform designed to end taxpayer bailouts
• Gets 47 nations to agree to 4 years non-proliferation efforts
• Forced airlines to disclose prices upfront
• 25 Billion settlement against banking industry
• Opposes NC Gay Marriage Amendment
• Helped clean out weapons-usable uranium from 6 countries:
Mexico, Chile, Romania, Serbia, Libya, and Turkey
• Number of oil rigs in US oil fields has quadrupled in past three years
• US now has more rigs at work than the rest of the world put together
• First time since 1949 we now export more gas than we import

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